4/9 --> Today I began brainstorming ideas for my create task and decided on either a choose your own adventure game, or a GPA calculator. They both appear to be challenging but I feel the GPA calculator may stand out a bit more to college board. I started creating ideas for my code such as trying out different functions I may include.

4/10 --> I have decided that the GPA calculator is impossible. I had all my functions set up but I couldn't figure out how to calculate specific items together. For example the class, credit amount, and grade received were all in separate lists and I couldn't figure out a way to add certain credits and grades together to multiply them together. sadly today was wasted and ill have to do the build your own adventure game.

4/12 --> The majority of my code is complete but with a could mistakes I cant quite figure out. Why isn't my function being called. AGH. Im loosing my mind. This coding is so nit-picky. Happy Easter by the way!

4/13 -…

Big Data Activity

1. This website is used to take an input from the user, and it will display tweets with the given keyword and set them into given categories. This can help users find tweets/ information that they are searching for without having to scroll on twitter for ages trying to find it.

2. The visualization of the website is very useful because it is set up in certain categories to make everything easier for the user. This allows us to see lots of data at once because it is all in their own given categories. This could be improved by making it look more modern, it still looks like its from the early 2000s.

3. The website taken input from the user and then quickly searches the web for every tweet that includes their keyword. The data comes from many sources across the internet to locate the tweets. This is static data because once a tweet is made it cannot be changed, and it is always in the database. This website is reputable becaus…

The Ring Camera

The Ring cameras faults and easy hacking ability is not the fault of the customers, this is entirely the fault of the vendors and manufacturers. They blatantly disregarded the first wave of hacks and did not even attempt to solve this issue. The article states, "Ring failed to meet this most basic obligation by not ensuring its Wi-Fi-enabled cameras were protected against cyber-attack," according to the lawsuit that was filed on Thursday in the U.S. District Court in the Central District of California. The statement shows that they were aware of what they were doing but did not try to resolve the issue, they only resorted to blaming the customers.

Mercedes Self Driving Car

I agree with what the Mercedes self-driving car is doing with their cars because it eliminates all of the variability in decision making. For example, when you see something in the road you swerve out of the way. One does this without even thinking about the consequences or what they might hit when they do this because they have to think in a split second. Having the car programmed to always put the driver first will eliminate the confusion and the time taken to decide what is more important. At least we know that one life will always be saved.

Explore progress 12/10 - 12/17

For the past week, I have completed my writing and my artifact. I finished and cleaned up my information and developed the different sections. I finished up my artifact, sadly the audio isn't great but I am satisfied with everything else. I am ready to submit to the College Board tomorrow! :)

Explore progress 12/9/19

Today I finalized most of my sources and began constructing my responses for each category. Over the next couple of classes, I hope to finalize my responses so that I can begin work on my artifact.

Ethical Data Collection - Consent

The most important issue involving ethical data collection is consent. This is because most people don't know all of the data we’re generating when we go online, making consent hard to truly receive. We should not only understand what we’re consenting to but have the ability to opt-out later, by either turning off the data tap or removing our information from where it’s stored.

In this article, the role of consent is brought into discussion involving Google's project Nightengale. The main problem that arose was the fact that Currently, the public does not know enough about Project Nightingale to make definitive ethical judgments. In fact, ethical determinations require balancing different and sometimes competing, ethical principles. There have been short cuts involving gathering consent that need to be evaluated. The article states, "Sometimes it might be ethical to collect and use highly sensitive information without getting an individual’s consent." This is showing …